About Us

Hello and a warm welcome to Tales and Trails Forest School.

I’m Florence and I am the founder and owner of Tales and Trails Forest School. A mum to 2 beautiful primary age children, I am also a qualified Primary teacher and a graduate in biological sciences.

My passion for nature started a long time ago…Growing up amongst nature enthusiasts, I simply caught the bug.

During my teaching career, I cherished witnessing children discovering the world around them and develop a deep respect for the planet we live on.

Over the years, I have watched children getting increasingly stressed as the schools desperately try to achieve government targets for Maths and English.

I saw children truly believing they are failure because other subjects which they thrive on are not “as important”. Low self-esteem and anxiety is becoming the norm. As a result, children’s behaviour and their enjoyment of learning is impacted. So I recently decided to swap the classroom for teaching in the woodlands. Training as a forest school leader back in February 2019 was a turning point, I knew something had changed in me.

I truly believe Forest school offers children opportunities to develop essential life skills like determination, empathy, communication, trust, perseverance…

The Forest School ethos is a beautiful way to offer young people experiences I was not able to provide as their class teacher…or at least, not regularly enough to really make a difference to their life and well-being.

So put on those muddy boots and join me for nature games, craft and of course some survival skills too.
Let it be the beginning of their journey…