What does my child need to wear?

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!” Sessions will be running in most weather unless it isn’t safe to do so (strong wind). The Long Spinney has holly bushes and brambles so all participants are required to wear long trousers and long sleeved tops. Sturdy shoes and no sandals. Clothing will get muddy so old home clothes are recommended. We require children to have long sleeves and long trousers all year round. This is particularly important in the summer to protect from tick bites, sunburn, stinging nettles and thorns.

As we know, the British weather is unpredictable. I therefore enclose a list of recommended clothing for both warm and cold weather.

Winter Clothing

The general rule, wear lots of layers, which keep in the heat and can be removed if needed

Warm hat, gloves and not mittens, long sleeve shirt, jumper / fleece, waterproof coat/over trousers or puddle suits, wellies with warm socks, thermal underwear, leggings, spare socks

Summer Clothing

Sun hat, sun cream applied before session, light long sleeved top, light long trousers, wellies or enclosed shoes / boots (no sandals)

Where are the sessions taking place?

For the Preschoolers sessions, we meet at our base camp in the Long Spinney, Wing (LU7 0TG). If you park at the new playground on Meadow Way, you will see a path on the left. Follow it to the left for about 100 meters (you should have some new houses on your left and a hedge/field to your right). When you reach an Information board, you should see a path entering the woodlands on the right. Go down the path until you reach the pond, turn left at the pond until you reach a little stream in front of you. Turn right and here we are!

For the Family sessions, we meet at our base camp in the Scout Area in the Long Spinney, Wing (LU7 0TG). There are a few car park spaces by the new playground on Meadow Way. If you look at the playground, there is a path on the left. Follow that path to the left (you should have new houses on your left and a hedge/field on your right), continue for about 100m. You should see an information board. To the right is the entrance of the Long Spinney. Go down the path and the Scouts area is to the left, just before the pond.

My children are pre-schoolers, can we come to the family sessions?

The activities during our family sessions are planned for primary age children mainly. We often light a fire and use sharp tools (knives, saws, hand-drills…) which is not ideal for little hands. Of course, if you have a primary age child and a pre-schooler, you are welcome to bring your younger one along and will not be charged until he or she is actively taking part.

Are there any toilet on site?

The Long Spinney is a public woodlands. There isn’t any toilet facilities at present.

 Are you First Aid trained?

Yes, I am. I attend a First Aid course every 3 years, as advised. In September 2019, I also attended a 2 days long course specific to Forest School First aid where we learnt how to respond to emergencies in a woodland environment.

Are you running sessions when it rains?

Forest school takes place in all weathers unless unsafe to do so (i.e Weather warnings, strong winds, flooding, dangerous terrain). We run a dynamic risk-assessment prior to every session to ensure the decision of cancelling a session is taken if it needs to.

Customer cancellation policy

Cancellation policy – cancellation of pre-booked session must be made a minimum of 24 hours before the start of the session. The session must then be rearranged for a future date within two months.